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Check balance of an address

You can check the balance of an address using the following command:

brambl-cli wallet balance --from-fellowship $FELLOWSHIP --from-template $LOCK_TEMPLATE --walletdb $WALLET --host $HOST --port $PORT

This will show you the balance of the address $FELLOWSHIP and $LOCK_TEMPLATE in the wallet $WALLET in the node $HOST:$PORT. The --from-interaction can optionally be used to choose the interaction.

The output will look something like this:

0a2045d4601f88b8b51c91e45d5b88db2fb12d2e2beeb7d2a4160b424c633e5ae8e8): 1000
Series(0a2045d4601f88b8b51c91e45d5b88db2fb12d2e2beeb7d2a4160b424c633e5ae8e8): 1
Group(0a205542a9a464ba60a155c28d55e9d084ce0b75eb8bd3a2ed5a27ee548e25f86616): 1

This also supports the --from address parameter to check the balance of any address. For example:

brambl-cli wallet balance --from-address $ADDRESS --walletdb $WALLET --host $HOST --port $PORT