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Getting Started

The Brambl CLI (command line interface) is a simple command line interface to the Thunder protocol.

System Requirements

Your system needs to have the following software installed.

  • A Java Virtual Machine (JVM).- The brambl-cli is a Java application, and thus Java is needed.
  • Coursier.- A simple command line tool (CLI) to run Java applications without any setup. It is very easy to install.
  • Just go to the Coursier installation page and follow the instructions for your operating system.
  • Once you have it, you can check it like this:
$ cd csInstallPath
$ ./cs version

Using the CLI

  • There is no need to clone a repository to use the CLI, you can launch a release version of the CLI using coursier directly.
  • You can check releases on sonatype or at the releases page on Github.
  • Then just launch your coursier application
$ cd csInstallPath
$ ./cs launch -r co.topl:brambl-cli_2.13:2.0.0-beta0 -- bifrost-query block-by-height --height 1 -h localhost --port 9084