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Topl's Community Bounty Program

We're excited to be launching our Community Bounty Program in December of 2023! We will post all Topl bounty opportunities to our Dework space.

We'd like to share with you the primary objectives of the Topl Bounty Program, and we hope that, regardless of your skills or expertise, we will be able to provide an opportunity for your contribution(s):

🌏 To increase engagement in the Topl developer ecosystem and the broader Topl community by listing tasks (bounties) to be completed by external parties, reviewed by Topl team members (and, eventually, designated moderators), and rewarded.

🤝 To allow developers, creators, writers, builders, and thinkers to engage with and improve the Thunder protocol, tooling, and ecosystem in a fair and safe environment.

🛡 To utilize the skills and talents of the community to find bugs, thereby improving the security of the Topl network.

Steps to get involved in Topl's Community Bounty Program

🛠 Check us out on Dework to see if any of the currently listed tasks are a good fit for your expertise and skill sets. If you don't see a task that looks like a good fit, hang tight! Different core teams (engineering, product, growth, tokenomics, etc) will be posting bounties as often as we can. If you have some ideas of how you can contribute, email us at, to see if we can co-create a bounty for your proposed task.

🎨 Create your Dework profile. We encourage you to put as much thought into this as possible to ensure that your profile adequately represents your skills and areas of interest.

📜 Read through our Rules of Engagement.

⚖️ Read through our Bounty Program Participant Agreement (all participants are subject to this agreement).

📣 Reach out to us in Discord or at with any questions.