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Welcome to Topl's Developer Portal

Here you'll find the tools and resources to interact with the Thunder Protocol. While we recommend starting by reading the Topl Whitepaper to learn a bit more about our vision, mission, and tech, in short, Topl is unlocking the true global potential of web3 by solving the scalability problem for Bitcoin, the world’s most secure currency. With a relentless passion for financial inclusion, to date, Topl has powered the creation of a wide range of projects, from supply chain traceability applications to the tokenization of different types of social and environmental impact.

As we approach our main net launch, we are eagerly looking to grow our developer community, because we believe developers and project creators can use our tech to solve some of the most pressing financial inclusion challenges. Here is a brief overview of what the Topl ecosystem can offer you as a developer:

Be a Part of the Fast-Growing Bitcoin Ecosystem

Topl Thunder solves Bitcoin’s scalability problem with:

  1. Micro-transactions using wrapped Bitcoin (tBTC) via Topl’s ground-breaking Taktikos PoS consensus mechanism with unprecedented data throughput
  2. The battle-hardened security and decentralization of Bitcoin’s prevailing consensus mechanism – not a novel and untested alternative L1
  3. A limitless new web3 ecosystem of smart contracts, dApps, DeFi, and NFTs – all secured by Bitcoin, the most trusted blockchain in existence

Experience a Committed Community

In addition to our Head of Developer Ecosystem, Topl has a team of core devs who are always excited to engage with developers building in our ecosystem. We hold regular community calls across platforms like Discord and Twitter, where together we dive into timely tech developments, share news about our roadmap, and provide opportunities for engagement. Additionally, if you're interested in contributing to Topl, you can find more information about bounties on our Dework profile (need to link once live).

Take Advantage of Uniquely Good Timing

Q4 of 2023 is an exciting time at Topl. In November, we will be launching Tetra, the newest and upgraded version of our protocol. In advance of that launch, we've opened up our test nets and would very much like your feedback on the following:

  1. Running a test net node
  2. Creating a wallet using our CLI
  3. Writing transactions

Engage with our Robust Smart Contract Language— Quivr

This domain-specific language offers an intuitive approach to creating and using assets in a UTXO-based blockchain.