Transfer Assets from an account to a specified recipient


Remote -- Transaction must be used in conjunction with an external key manager service.


Default behavior of the wallet is to find the first unlocked address which hold the targetted Asset.
The protocols default behavior is to combine multiple UTXOs of the same type into a single UTXO when it can.


  • AssetCode in AssetValue can be generated using util_generateAssetCode
  • fee and quantity in AssetValue need to be strings, they will be converted into Int128 which can go up
    to 178 undecillion(2^127-1)


FieldsData typeRequired / OptionalDescription
propositionTypeStringRequiredType of proposition, eg., PublicKeyCurve25519, ThresholdCurve25519
recipients[[String, AssetValue]]RequiredArray of addresses and assetValues for the transfer recipients(check table below)
sender[String]RequiredArray of addresses from which Assets should be sent
changeAddressStringRequiredAddress for recipient of unspent Polys
consolidationAddressStringOptionalAddress for recipient of unspent Assets
feeStringRequiredFee for the transfer. Minting AssetTransfer requires fee to be greater than 0
mintingBooleanRequiredIf this is a minting AssetTransfer or not
dataStringOptionalData string which can be associated with this transaction(may be empty). Data has a maximum value of 127 characters.
FieldsData typeRequired / OptionalDescription
typeStringRequiredType of transfer, should be "Asset" for AssetTransfer
quantityStringRequiredNumber of tokens in String
assetCodeStringRequiredUnique identifier for user issued Assets, generated from version, issuer address, and shortName
securityRootStringOptionalOptional 32 byte commitment to instance of the AssetBox
metadataStringOptionalMetadata has a maximum value of 127 characters
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