Topl API Keys

All requests submitted through BaaS require an API key. This allows our service to authenticate your account to enforce API quotas.

It is mandatory that you sign up for a free API key which allows for many advantages:

  • a high request rate and concurrent request limit
  • fast responses with few retries and timeouts
  • useful metric tracking for performance tuning and to analyze your customer behavior
  • Access to our Genus offerings including the ability to query archived data and advanced logging capabilities (not yet released)


How to sign up for API Keys

You can sign up for API keys by creating a project detailed in the guide below.

Authenticating using a Project Id

BaaS Vertx API requires a valid Project Id to be included with your request traffic. This identifier should be appended to the request URL.<network>/YOUR-PROJECT-ID

Authenticating using a ProjectId and API Key

As additional protection for your request traffic, an API key is required to access our API. Please ensure that you keep your API KEY a secret!

curl --header `x-api-key:YOUR-API-KEY` \<network>/YOUR-PROJECT-ID

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