Creating an Organization

Organization Creation

Organizations are useful to store and manage project details for your company or organization. To create a new organization, your may simply open your side-menu on the right and click the "Create New Organization" button.


Organization Basics

After creating the organization, you can then add the name for the organization as well as the email linked to the organization. This email will only be used for information purposes to inform the organization about updates to our services and will not be sold to any third parties.


Organization Real-World Address Onboarding

The admin can then add the real world-address to the organization



Real-world address vs blockchain address

Please note that the real-world address has no correlation to the address that is used to make transactions on the Topl Blockchain.

Choose a subscription option

The next step will be to choose a subscription option out of the following three options depending on your organization's needs and capability for growth.

  • Startup
    • For small-scale initiatives and startups with a high growth potential
  • Professional
    • Mid-market challengers and clients with existing platforms
  • Enterprise
    • Market leaders and enterprise clients with existing platforms

Billing Information

  • Our billing is handled by Stripe, so an admin that chooses one of our paid options should go to Stripe to enter the payment information


  • Polys are the cryptocurrency that is used to pay for transactions on the Topl Blockchain network.
  • Each transaction on the Topl Blockchain takes a certain number of nanopolys (10^-9 polys) in order to make a transaction.
  • Please reach out to Chris Georgen at [email protected] for special deals on polys.
  • Please look at the tutorial for Adding Polys for more detailed instructions


You may see language referring to "Transaction Credits". Note that this is a synonym for polys and that we are working to deprecate this term.


Transaction Fees

Why do transaction fees exist?

  • Forgers on the Topl Network stake arbits to validate transactions. These transactions are bundled in blocks by forgers and get appended to the Blockchain
  • Once a transaction is part of a block on the Topl Blockchain it is considered confirmed, and the more blocks that are forged on top of the block that contains the transaction, the lower the likelihood of the transaction being modified.
  • In return for their service, forgers receive a block reward for each block as well as the sum of all transaction fees users attached to their transactions
    -The transaction fee is currently configured at 1 poly, but once decentralization commences, the transaction fee will be based on the market value of a transaction.

User Creation

Owners for organizations that have a Professional subscription can create new users to be associated with an organization.

Editing an Organization

Once you have created your organization, any admin can return to view its information or update the information at any time.

To begin, simply open your list of organizations and choose the Organization that you wish to view or edit.


From your organization's settings page, (shown in the snippet above), you'll be able to do any of the following:

1.) Update your Organization's Basic Information
2.) Update your Organization's Mailing Address
3.) Change Subscription
4.) Load Polys into an Address
5.) Add Team Members (Professional Subscription Required)
6.) Manage Projects