Creating a Project

There are so many different use cases that can be explored using Topl's blockchain, however, the first step will always be creating a project.

Creating a new project for an organization

To begin interfacing with the Topl blockchain, you'll once again go to the menu on the left-hand side of the screen and click on your Organization Name. From the Organization Page, navigate to projects from where you should find a "Create New Project" button on the right hand side.


Once you have clicked on the create new project button, you will be shown a screen where you can enter the project name in addition to being able to select which Topl BaaS Offerings you want to add to the project (Torus or Genus).


Torus and Genus

Torus enables you to send information to the Topl network while Genus allows you to listen for a response, useful as blockchains are asynchronous. Genus is still under development and should be released later on this year.

Projects Page

From here, you will have access to your projects dashboard. You will be able to view the services for which your projects have been created (Torus/Genus), monitor request activity statistics and the ability to manage your projects for your organization.

If you are running out of project space within your organization, you can always choose to update your subscription plan at the bottom of this page!

Individual Project Page

You can view any project that is a part of your organization through the view button on the right hand side of the box containing the project.
From here, you'll notice a few main features that are provided for you

  • You can see data for your project and filter by network in addition to date. You also have the option to download this data.
  • You have the ability to view the API key for both the mainnet and the testnet in addition to your number of daily requests remaining.
  • Finally, you can regenerate the API-keys using the button at the bottom.

If you need to, there is the option to delete your project as well and start over from the individual project page in the bottom right hand corner.

There are some use cases that fall outside of the scope of an organization. You can also interact with
BaaS by creating a personal project.

Creating a personal project

To begin a personal project, navigate to the left side bar and click on the Personal Tab then Create New Project.


From here you will see the project settings page appear with the following information:

1.) The project ID
2.) The traffic for that project (can modify the specific date range for the data)
3.) The API keys for each blockchain network
- These are used to access the blockchain via the API.
- These API keys can be regenerated using the "Re-generate Torus Keys" button.

Finally, if the project is no longer needed, it can be deleted by pressing the delete project button in the bottom right hand corner to free up space for more personal projects.