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In this tutorial we learn how to setup your environment to use the brambl-cli. This tutorial covers how to setup a wallet and how to launch a private node or use a public testnet node.

Setup Wallet and Funds

To create a transaction, you need to have a wallet with some funds. You can create a wallet following the instructions in the Initialize Wallet how to. For people to send you funds, you need to share your address with them. You can see how to get your current address using the Get the Current Address. You can check you balance using the Check Balance how to.

Launch a Private Node or use a Public Testnet Node

Launch a Private Node

For this quickstart guide we recommend having Docker installed on your machine. Once Docker is installed, you can launch a node using the following command:

docker run --rm -p 9085:9085 -p 9084:9084$NODE_VERSION

The latest available version right now is 2.0.0-alpha10.

Use a Public Testnet Node

To use the public test net you need to call the different methods using the --host and --port parameters. The host is and the port is 443. You also need to use the --secure or -s parameter to use TLS over the connection.

For example, to check the balance of the address ptetP7jshHTwEg9Fz9Xa1AmmzhYHDHo1zZRde7mnw3fddcXPjV14RPcgVgy7 on the testnet you need to run the following command:

brambl-cli wallet balance --from-address ptetP7jshHTwEg9Fz9Xa1AmmzhYHDHo1zZRde7mnw3fddcXPjV14RPcgVgy7 --walletdb $WALLET --host --port 443 -s true