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Brief Overview

Built as the only blockchain designed from the ground up for social impact and sustainability, Topl sits at the unique intersection of cutting-edge technology and positive change. Founded in 2017, Topl's mission is to support and nurture an ecosystem of blockchain-powered applications solving problems ranging from carbon reduction and capture to financial inclusion and supply chain transparency.

We've committed our resources and ourselves to the development of the blockchain that you're currently exploring. Our team has purpose-built every aspect of our technology, from our blockchain's underlying consensus to its integration tooling, with our users' unique needs and a strong focus on bringing transparency and verifiability to the positive changes you're all effecting.

You're changing the world; we're just here to support you and help you prove it.

Network Offerings

Topl's blockchain network has been active since late 2018, and everyday we are working to improve its functionality and deliver new and exciting features. We've recently released Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) to provide a simple and streamlined way for developers to integrate their applications onto the Topl blockchain.

As we work to improve this service for our users please don't hesitate to reach out with feedback or questions. We value your thoughts immensely.

See below to review our documentation structure, check out examples of use-cases and solutions, and dive right into the documentation!